Appcues can be used to create in-product experiences such as product walkthroughs, surveys, announcements, and checklists to drive product engagement and activation. Heap has a bi-directional integration with Appcues that allows you to both measure the outcome of Appcues flows in Heap and activate Heap segments in Appcues for personalized targeting based on behavioral data.

There are two integrations between Heap and Appcues:

Integration Direction

Source: Appcues data into Heap

Understand how Appcues flows performed and measure the resulting actions

Set up the integration from the Appcues UI.

Destination: Heap segments into Appcues

Personalize Appcues flow targeting based on past user behaviors

Reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected] to enable a trial. Then, set up the integration from the Heap UI.


The Appcues source automatically sends all Appcues tour events as events in Heap to make it easy to analyze the effectiveness of your walkthroughs.

With Heap's Appcues source, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what drives feature engagement and customer retention.
  • Find bottlenecks in sign up and onboarding flows.
  • Attribute conversion and identify the best performing marketing channels.


To set up the Heap Appcues source, all you need to do is select Heap in the Appcues integration page and click Activate.

Data Format

Once enabled, Heap will automatically capture all Appcues flow events such as Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc.

Please refer to Appcues's documentation for more information on the Heap Appcues source.


The Appcues destination can be used to create and send Heap segments to Appcues to personalize flow targeting based on users' past behaviors. If you're interested, please reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected] to enable a trial.


Requirements: Identity API & Appcues Installation

Identity must be set up before you can use this integration. Follow steps here to implement identify calls.

Appcues must also be installed everywhere Heap is installed for this integration to work.

After the integration is enabled, you'll need to enter the following setup information in the Connect UI:

  • Appcues Account ID, which can be found in Settings > Account > Account ID in the Appcues UI.
  • Appcues API key, which can be found in Settings > Account > API key in the Appcues UI.

After this one-time setup, you should be able to navigate to your Heap segments and sync segments to Appcues.

When completing this setup, please note the following:

  • You must use the same ID to identify users in Heap and Appcues. Otherwise, segments of users from Heap will not be recognizable in Appcues for targeting. If you are not using the same ID on both platforms, you should follow steps in Appcues documentation to change identity calls in Appcues.
  • You must be an Admin in Heap to sync data to Appcues.

Segment Sync

Step 1: You can sync any public segment from Heap to Appcues in the Segments view. Once segments are synced, the last sync timestamp will be displayed in the segment’s Appcues section. Simply navigate to the segment in Heap via Define > Segments, then click the toggle next to Appcues.

once you click the toggle, you'll have the option to do a one-time immediate sync, or schedule a recurring sync. If you choose recurring, the segment will be updated hourly. Note that you can only schedule a maximum of ten recurring syncs at a time.

Step 2: The segment will be synced to Appcues as an Appcues custom property with the name “[Heap] <Heap segment name>”. You can view the properties in the Appcues settings page.

Step 3: To target users in the segment, you can create an Appcues segment with a rule that filters for the value “true” on the custom property.

Event Sync to Appcues

The above setup only lets you send segments to Appcues. If you want to track events in Heap and forward them to Appcues, there is a workaround using our snapshots feature. You can create a "snapshot" on any defined event in Heap and use that snapshot to trigger a "track event" action into Appcues.

Step 1: Define an event in Heap and add a new snapshot property on the event from the events view.

Step 2: Set the property value to Appcues.track("event name"); where event name can be replaced with any event name you want to show up in Appcues for this event.

Step 3: Test performing that event on your site and see if the event appears in Appcues.


1. What happens when I change the name of the segment in Heap? We will continue syncing the segment to Appcues using the original segment name from first sync to Appcues. This name is shown in the Heap segment UI next to the sync toggle. If you want to update the name in Appcues, you can change the display name in the Appcues UI under Settings > Events and Properties > Custom properties > Display Name column.

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