Chameleon makes it easy to create and publish user onboarding, product tutorials, and tooltips without using code. You can use it to help your users understand and stay engaged with your apps. The Chameleon source automatically sends all Chameleon tour events as events in Heap to make it easy to analyze the effectiveness of your product tours.

With Heap's Chameleon source, you'll be able to answer:

  • How does interacting with onboarding flows affect long-term customer retention?
  • Do users who engage with in-app education convert better than others?
  • Where are bottlenecks in my onboarding flow?


To set up the Heap Chameleon source, all you need to do is visit the Heap Chameleon connection page in your Chameleon account and click Enable Heap.

Data Format

Once enabled, Heap will automatically capture all Chameleon flow events such as Tour Started, Tour Completed, etc.

Please refer to Chameleon's documentation for more information on the Heap Chameleon Source.


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